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* Acute Injuries/Trauma

                  o Muscle/tendon tears
                  o Ligament strains/sprains
                  o Fractures

* General
                  o Repetitive strain injuries
                  o Rotator cuff tears
                  o Carpal tunnel syndrome
                  o Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
                  o Fibromyalgia
                  o Tempero mandibular joint pathologies

  * Inflammatory Conditions
                  o Tendonitis
                  o Bursitis
                  o Myositis
                  o Fascitis
                  o Synovitis
                  o Rheumatoid disease: Autoimmune Disease

* Degenerative Disorders
                  o Osteoathritis
                  o Chondromalacia patella
                  o Calcifications (e.g. Bone spurs)
                  o Discogenic & vertegrogenic radiculopathies
                  o Plantar fascitis
                  o Biomechanical problems

* Wound Management
                  o Ulcers
                        + Venous statis
                        + Diabetic
                        + Contact
                        + Artherosclerotic
                  o Post-operative wound/scars

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