Bioflex Laser Systems


1. Optical Treatment Heads

BioFlex incorporates flexible treatment heads with multi-source diode arrays that can be molded to the contours of the target tissue. This patented design feature ensures the effective delivery of optimum levels of irradiation and dosage.

BioFlex has penetrating laser diode treatment heads which address superficial as well as deeper pathologies, delivering healing energy where it is needed.

The Treatment heads we use at the Red Deer Chiropractic and Laser Centre are:

LS-R 750 
Laser Class: Class I LED
Total Optical Power: 750 mW
Effective Surface Area: 75.00 cm²
Power Density: 10.0 mW/cm²
Wavelength: 660 nm


LS-I 1500
Laser Class: Class I LED
Total Optical Power: 1500 mW
Effective Surface Area: 75.00 cm²
Power Density: 20.0 mW/cm²
Wavelength: 840 nm

LD-I 75 
Laser Class: 3b
Total Optical Power: 75 mW
Effective Surface Area: 0.10 cm²
Power Density: 750.0 mW/cm²
Wavelength: 830 nm


LD-I 200 
Laser Class:3b
Total Optical Power: 180 mW
Effective Surface Area: 0.10 cm²
Power Density: 1800.0 mW/cm²
Wavelength: 830 nm

2. Main Controller Unit (MCU)

The BioFlex Main Control Unit provides the user with unprecedented control and accuracy of treatment. Its advanced technological capability offers unlimited adjustment of key treatment parameters including pulse modulation, energy density, power, frequency, wave-form, duty-cycle and duration. The Main Control Unit monitors the power output of the system, guaranteeing the accurate and consistent delivery of photon energy to the treatment site.

3. BioFlex Practitioner Software

The PC-based operating and control software allows Dr. Teresa Demas and staff to use the recommended experience-based treatment protocols for virtually every conceivable condition BioFlex has been designed to treat.

Additionally, the software includes illustrated anatomical tutorials for the benefit of the patient, showing both normal and abnormal conditions. Most importantly, therapeutic programming can be customized for every patient. 

4.Training Program

Red Deer Chiropractic and Laser Centre is committed to the highest level of user training in order to ensure the quality and efficacy of patient treatment. Our staff has attended a structured, comprehensive, training program given by experienced medical professionals of the Meditech Inc., Toronto training centre. Dr. Fred Kahn, M.D. Tina Karu, laser researcher Leslie Perrin, and Dr. Kim Slava, MD, were just a few of the instructors. Dr. Teresa Demas along with laser technician's Kelly Pickering and Carole Lawrence are all certified laser technicians.


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